Hokkaido Marche – Affordable Japanese Food Stalls at Orchard Central

After shopping at Don Don Donki, diners can now feed their hungry tummies at the newly opened Hokkaido Marche located right beside it, at B2 of Orchard Central.

Featuring a gourmet food mall with 7 Japanese food and beverage stalls, Hokkaido Marche has brought in popular favourites from Sapporo, Hakodate and Asahikawa. Indulge in a variety of Japanese comfort food such as Kaisen don, curry rice, soba, ramen and yakitori!

Currently, the seven stalls include:

Ajisai (Hakodate): Shio Ramen, Seafood Ramen, Pa-Ko (Konbu) Ramen and Yasai Ramen

Café & Bar Dot (Asahikawa): Hokkaido Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream, Croquette, Cheesecake, Coffee and Alcohol

Maruki: Soba and Ten-Don

Maruya (Sapporo): Oyako Don, Katsu Don and Curry Don 

Natsume (Sapporo): Kaisen Don and Grilled Fish Set

Shirakaba Sansou (Sapporo, Hakodate): Miso/Shoyu/Shio Ramen

Yakitori Tsuyoshi (Asahikawa): Grilled Skewers, Buta Don and Fried Chicken


Coming soon:

Hanamaru: Sushi

Farmers Market and Pavilion



Ajisai is popular for their Shio Ramen, a Konbu-stock salt flavoured noodle soup with Ajitama, Bamboo Shoots and Roast Pork. Other selections include the Pa-Ko Men (with Pork Cutlet), Se’ Abura Ramen (with Pork Fat) and White/Red Miso Ramen. 

As for the Seafood Ramen $19.50, it came with two large scallops and a giant prawn. The clear broth was made from salt flavoured seafood stock with a strong taste in prawns and vegetables, albeit oilier and on the saltier side. Noodles, on the other hand, were softer.


Menu at Natsume is quite straightforward with options for Set/DIY Kaisen Don or Grilled Fish (Smelt Fish, Atka Mackerel and Kinki Rock Fish).

Opt for the Today’s Special Kaisen Don $13.50 that comes with chef’s selection of the day. It was well worth the buck for the amount of ingredients – Sea Urchin, Crab Sticks, Flying Fish Roe, Tuna, Swordfish, Squid, Omelette, Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes, Seaweed, Lotus Root and Greens on a bed of Sushi Rice. 

DIY Kaisen Don starts at $8.50 for a base of salad or sushi rice with 2 choices of fish. I had an add-on of Scallops ($4 for 4 pieces). The sashimi were fresh while the swordfish was lightly seared and marinated in sesame dressing.

Each Kaisen don comes in a set with miso soup.


Hokkaido Marche

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central,

B2 Unit 11 – 29, 44 to 28, Singapore 238896

Daily: 11AM – 11PM

Website: www.hokkaidomarche.com.sg


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