Hibiki Yakitori Lounge at Bukit Timah Singapore – Sukiyaki Hotpot

Yakitori Hibiki Lounge is an authentic Japanese restaurant nestled along Bukit Timah Road. This is a return visit and I found myself, once again, marvelling at the rows of sake and shochu displayed along the walls. No meal is complete (and no one is going to notice) without getting a little high on their premium alcohol.

During my previous visit, we tried the Sake Shabu-Shabu (even more sake!) and a whole lot of their signature yakitoris. You can find out more here http://www.oo-foodielicious.com/yakitori-lounge-hibiki/ because the yakitoris are really amazeballs!

Hibiki is a cosy place for you to chill and dine with friends and colleagues. Besides being a lounge that serves booze, Hibiki’s focus on food quality is evident through the dishes.

Miso Sukiyaki $69.80

Usually when there is a choice between hotpot or sukiyaki, I would go for the hotpot with a light soup base. As for Sukiyaki, I have the perception that it tends towards sweetness and not something I could simply scoop up and slurp.


So when when we were recommended the Miso Sukiyaki, we were assured that it’s gonna be slightly different! True enough, the sauce that the ingredients were cooked in weren’t your honey kind of sweetness but being more miso-centric, it adhered to a savoury umami taste.


The Miso Sukiyaki set comes with a Kurobuta belly and Kurobuta collar platter, and a Vegetable platter of White cabbage, Spinach, Shiitake Mushroom, Tofu, Carrot, Japanese Leek, Yama Imo-Wild Yam and Onion.


Additional pork platter (Pork Belly/Pork Shoulder) is priced at $35 more.


I enjoyed the meats so much! They were tender and having absorbed the sauce, became more flavourful. For an elevated experience, dip the meats into the raw egg and you would get a smooth, eggy and silky feeling on your tongue.


The Inaniwa Udon noodles is one of the premium noodle brands that you can find in Japan. Served at the end of the meal, I got to slurp on these smooth strands of noodles. They reminded me of our local Lor Mee, coated in a thick sauce that had gotten a notch tastier after one hour of cooking the meats and vegetables in it.

Yanagawa Fu Nabe $14.80

Another favourite dish of mine was this steaming plate of sliced black pork mixed in with Japanese Beet Root slices and Egg. The ingredients were generous; the pork was very tender and the dish wasn’t very eggy in general. I thought the flavours blended well together too.

Miso Saute Steak $18.80

If we had to pick the highlight of the day, it would be this Kurobuta steak specially marinated in Hibiki’s Miso sauce. We had almost skipped ordering this as it sounded normal. Glad we didn’t!

What wowed us to the moon and back was the charred edges of the meat. It was a little crunchy on the outside paired with the slightly chewy meat. And glazed in the special sauce, the whole piece simply tasted like Char Siew – yes, heavenly! We polished all these within minutes.

We were also told that a lot of preparation went into the steak, from marinating it for two days to grilling and then baking in the oven. No wonder, it tasted this good…

I like that restaurants come up with specials of the day and/or food promotions for the month. it keeps the menu fresh and makes diners like you and me want to go back and check it out.

Chicken Egg Ham $8.50

The daily special dish we had was the chicken roulade, but prepared Japanese-styled with ponzu granita. The Kampong chicken was wrapped around an egg centre where both assumed a neutral taste. It seemed like a healthy dish though I would prefer a bit more sauce to further enhance the flavour.

Lobster Salad $9

The other daily special that fared better than its counterpart was the lobster salad. Served chilled with a touch of wasabi, it made a pleasant and satisfying appetiser with chunk lobster meats found within.


Tatami Iwashi $15.00

How could we have missed out on this dish previously? These Tatami Iwashi were so addictive that we just couldn’t stop munching on.

Aptly named Tatami, the sun-dried tiny small Jako (Japanese Mini Ikan Bilis) were shaped exactly like the Japanese Tatami Mat style. They were fried, crunchy and still tasted good without the mayonnaise.

Mochi Cheese Age $10.80

These unassuming deep-fried mochi turned out to be a bomb in the mouth with the hot cheese lava oozing out as I bit on it. The exterior was fried to a paper-thin crisp and wasn’t as oily as I expected. If you love cheese, you would love this.



If you are at Hibiki, don’t miss out on the yakitori which is what they specialise in.

No matter how full you are, at least get their signature Kurobuta yakitori. 

Here’s what we had from the menu:

  • Tokujyo Kurobuta $5.80: Black pork shoulder Yakitori with salt
  • Kurobuta Bara $4.80: Black pork belly Yakitori with Salt and pepper
  • Torikawa $3.30: Hibiki’s Chicken Skin Yakitori with Hibiki special made sauce
  • Shitake $4.20: Hibiki Shitake mushroom Yakitori with Hibiki Special made sauce

Hibiki Yakitori Don Set $18.80

To make it into a full meal, you can even get the yakitori don set that comes with 3 sticks of Chicken Yakitori, Pickles and Miso soup. Perfect for a fuss-free office lunch too.


I would definitely not forget how tasty and healthy the sweet potatoes were; moist and soft with a nutritious punch to it. As for the ice cream, they were creamy and milky. Do eat it fast as they melt quickly!

Some desserts we had:

  • Tenpien – Sea salt Ice cream serve with Sweet potatoes stripes $6.80
  • Houji Cha – Roasted Tea Ice cream serve with sweet potatoes stripes $6.80
  • Yaki Imo Ice cream – Grilled Sweet potatoes Ice cream serve with sweet potatoes stripes $6.80
  • Hibiki’s Home made Sweet Potatoes Cake and Sweet potatoes Stripes serve with Vanilla Ice Cream and Palm sugar syrup $9.80


Alcohols and more alcohols!

One thing you won’t have a shortage of is the amount and varieties of alcohols provided here. You would be surprised to unearth some very exclusive bottles during your trip here!


Yakitori Lounge Hibiki

833 Bukit Timah Road, #01-06
Singapore 279887
Tel: +65 6519 6894
Daily: 5PM-11:30PM
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