Fun things to eat, drink and make for this Chinese New Year 2019!

Huat-ppening once per year, make good use of this opportunity to munch on delicious snacks and charm your relatives with some homemade specially concocted drinks Huat-cipes.


Amazin’ Graze

What to eat: Get the new Spring flavours before they run out! Granola and nuts can be this amazing too; Here’s to more snacking of the Golden Pineapple Granola $12.80, Tangerine Peanut Granola $12.80, Glazed Five Spice Nut Mix $7.80 and Sweet Chilli Nut Mix $7.80.

Where to get: Online



Doki Doki

What to drink: Binge too much on the festive goodies? These healthy Doki Doki’s instant superfood juices are probably what you need. The Tamarind Pineapple with Turmeric is a new and improved recipe that helps in digestion. Other flavours available consists of Dragonfruit with Chia Seeds, Passionfruit with Camu Camu, Soursop with Chia Seeds and more.

Where to get: Online



F&N Festive Packs

What to drink: These Limited Edition Sparkling Drinks, 100PLUS & SEASONS Festive Pack are bound to pack a punch for your gatherings. Stock up your house with the F&N Sparkling Drinks Festive Pack ($13.45 for 24 cans, with Grape, Orange, Cherryade, Sarsi), F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack ($10.55 for 10 cans, with F&N Orange Zero, F&N Sarsi Zero and 100PLUS Zero), 100PLUS Festive Pack ($14.70 for 24 cans) and the SEASONS Pu Erh Chrysanthemum ($7.65 for 12 cans).

Where to get: In major leading supermarkets.



Fragrance Pork Floss

What to make: Spoilt for choice at Fragrance – whether it’s Bak Kwa, salted egg fish snacks or the signature pork floss, there’s something for all occasion! Spice up your meal a little with Fragrance’s fluffy Pork Floss; this is pure bliss.

Where to get: All Fragrance outlets.


Gravitea Bar

What to eat: Festive smoothie drinks (Berry Orange $4.50 and Mango Matcha $6.90) and the adorable Pineapple Tarts ($8/box of 4) are available till 10 February 2019!

Where to get: 138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower 02-01 Singapore 068906



Magi Planet

What to eat: Nothing beats munching on some delectable and uniquely-flavoured popcorns.

The Crispy Jerky Popcorn $12.50 tugs at my heartstrings with the presence of thinly shredded jerky mixed within while the True Milk Tea Popcorn $12.50 is simply déjà vu when it tastes like how drinking a cup of bubble tea is.

Where to get: Online



Poon Confectionary

What to eat: An array of Chinese New Year goodies can be found here with interesting ones like Love Letter filled with Chocolate or Peanut Butter, Cheese Pineapple Tart and Pork Floss Roll Snack. Other choices include the buttery Almond Cookies, Green Pea Cookies, Arrowhead Chips, Nestum Cookies and Salted Egg Lotus Root.

Where to get: Online


Spinelli Coffee

What to eat: Savour these four types of festive cookies made in-house. They come in flavours like Black Gold Charcoal, Salted Egg Yolk, Red Velvet Macadamia and Peanut Butter.

Where to get: All Spinelli outlets.


Tiger Radler Pomelo & Tiger Radler Lemon Rad-cipes 

What to make: The tangy Tiger Radler Lemon and Tiger Radler Pomelo consist of only 2% alcohol with a distinct fruit taste. Plus they are the perfect drinks for your Rad-cipe (or cocktail recipes if you wish). Some creations include the Ice Rad Kacang, Radler Slushie, Radlerita and Radsicle; easy and convenient to make from home.

Where to get: In major supermarkets at $9.90 for a pack of 6 cans x 330ml.



Yole Singapore

What to eat: For a limited time period, make merry with these two new flavours – New York Cheesecake Fresh Ice Cream (available in all outlets except United Square and West Mall) and Japanese Matcha Fresh Ice Cream (only in selected outlets).

Where to get: Selected Yole outlets.



Yum Cha Express

What to eat: Lovers of these Salted Egg crackers are in for a feast with the Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin $10.80 and Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin with Silver Fish $12.80 that comes lightly coated in salted egg, but addictive enough to have you popping one after another into your mouth.

Where to get: Yum Cha Chinatown, Yum Cha Changi, Yum Cha Express Kiosk and Yum Cha’s delivery platform.



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