Fort By Maison Ikkoku: CNY 12-Course Omakase Filled With Fortune Goodness

Fort’s 12 Course CNY 发财 Omakase ($88) is here to bring you through a multi-sensory experience with 12 auspicious dishes for this festive season! Available from 4th January to 11th February 2017, you are in for a good treat with premium ingredients such as Abalone, Fish Maw and Otoro. Pair each dish alongside cocktails specially concocted by Fort’s mixologists for an elevated experience too.
If you are there, do look out for Senior Master Mixologist and Executive Chef, Ethan Leslie Leong, the mastermind behind these stunning creations!
Indulge and all hail 12 blessed months ahead.
Fort prides itself in their no-menu concept. The idea is to come in, sit and relax while you get pampered with each upcoming courses. Do get their Bespoke Cocktails ($24 -$30), each customised according to your preferences.
As always, say Hi to Fort’s in-house Mixologist Matteo, ever so sweet and charming. New to the Fort family is Mixologist Aiken who was previously from sister company Maison Ikkoku. Another friendly guy who took care to make our dining experience a memorable one.
Cheese Baked Live Irish Oyster 好事发财 took our breath away with the misty-looking presentation. Watch as the mist parted to reveal an oyster gracefully lying there. What really wowed me was the first bite of the cool oyster flesh juxtaposed against the chewy melted cheese. I was expecting a warm oyster but this combination of warm and cold was dope. How is one enough!
Orh Luak Huat Ah!














Ever had Lou Hei in an Omakase? Since this is an Omakase, expect a one-man portion Fatt Choi Lou Hei 恭喜发财 for you to toss to your heart’s content.

Drizzle some of the homemade sweet sauce onto the beautiful mess of shredded cabbage, cucumber, pomelo, Ikura, Salmon and crispy crackers. A great refreshing starter and remember to say your well wishes for the year as you toss them high.
Buddha Jump Over The Wall 吉佛献瑞 was delicately displayed in a round glass. Filled with fish maw, clams and earthly wonders such as mushrooms and chicken, I caught a whiff of the fragrance of the chicken stock. It was also a light broth perfectly bringing out the distinctive taste of the individual ingredients.















Finally, the long awaited gem of the sea – Miso Abalone 招财进宝 made its grand appearance. I say, just take the fork and eat it before someone snatches it away.


As the name aptly suggests, it was like digging gold. The Unagi Don 满地黄金 featured a thick piece of sweet glazed unagi with very tender meat that broke apart easily. Just the right kind of moisture and none of that fishy taste. The soft meat literally melted in my mouth. I am so loving this.
Another of our favourite was the Truffle Tuna Maki 大红大紫. Complemented with the aroma of the truffles, it totally upped the flavours of a usual simple maki. I wouldn’t mind having an entire row of this.














Not forgetting the Otoro Nigiri 如鱼得水. A glistening piece of Otoro on neatly pressed sushi rice. As the Chinese saying goes, may we approach life like fish in the water too.

I clearly wasn’t expecting this from Fort but when the dessert, Homemade Matcha Creme Brûlée Tart 甜甜蜜蜜 arrived to the table, was sliced apart and devoured, I was like ‘you can just sell this‘.
The tart could even rival some of the better ones from outside. The creme brûlée was encased in a thin buttery shell. And I could taste the matcha and softness of the wobbly creme brûlée upon my tongue. Outstanding dessert packed full of punch.
At $88, where else can you get a 12 Course CNY 发财 Omakase with quality and at such an affordable price!
Reservations for the Omakase and CNY Lunch Menu for private events (upon request) are opened now.
5 Cox Terrace, Singapore 179620
Tel: +65 6336 0507
Mon to Thu, Sun: 4PM-1AM
Fri to Sat: 4PM-2AM
This is an invited tasting.


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