Foret Blanc Dessert Cafe KL Giant Unicorn Bingsu & Plated Dessert

Foret Blanc Dessert Cafe at Sri Petaling appeals with its Instagram-worthy desserts and a space generously decorated with comfy cushions and mismatched minimalist furniture. Sitting here makes me feel like time has retreated and that I could sit here for hours wishing all this space is mine. On a side note, the cafe is really spacious and could possibly fit your next gathering or birthday party.

The dessert menu is as extensive as it could get, ranging from homemade ice cream, creatively-adorned sundaes and exciting waffle choices to jaw-dropping specialty desserts you wouldn’t think possible (made possible).

For those familiar with the local breakfasts, Kopitiam Breakfast Set RM20 is one that will confuse you with the sheer similarity in appearance. Imagine a chocolate shell filled with coconut mouse ‘egg white’ and passionfruit mango ‘egg yolk’ to represent the actual egg while the cup of local kopi is actually made of Nescafe creme brulee.

The Avo-Cuddle RM25 is equally innovative. The homemade avocado ice cream in dark chocolate avocado skin breathes life into the plate, turning this savoury fruit into a sweet feast for the eyes and stomach. A ball of peanut butter plunged itself neatly at the core of the ‘avocado’ acting realistically as an avocado seed.

Surrounding the centrepiece are green tea microwave sponge, caramelised banana, grapes and mango cubes, teasing your tastebud on a continuum.

A Korean dessert cafe would be where I am willing to splurge on a bingsu but at Foret Blanc, you need not bear second thoughts. Take your pick from the Unicorn Cotton Candy RM23 and Bunny Cotton Candy RM18 which also comes with a bowl of fruity bingsu.

Relish in the moment when the giant bobbling cotton candy head arrives at your table. I had the unicorn which was shaped into a chubby face with a rainbow mane and marshmallow horn. If this is your fantasy, be prepared to squeal in delight because it’s simply too cute to resist.

The bingsu was unrestrained with the amount of fruits hidden underneath a pile of snowy ice. This is worth a try.




Foret Blanc Dessert Cafe

16-1, Jln Radin Bagus 8, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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