F&N New King’s Grand Mint Ice Cream, Mag-A-Cone Mango & Healthier Fruit Tree Fresh Juices

Lick on these cool minty ice cream, your perfect remedy in such a hot weather.

King’s Grand Mint is the latest addition to the family featuring the creamy minty ice cream encased in chocolate, crispy wafer bits and roasted almonds. The marrying of chocolatey goodness and the cooling sensation is nothing short of bliss. This is definitely making to one of my top ice cream choices from King’s Grand.

One stick is priced at $1.20 and a pack of four at $4.80 in major leading supermarkets.

Fans of this tropical fruit will love the Magnolia Mac-A-Cone Mango where you can find mango bits within the luscious layers. A splash of mango syrup finished off the surface with a sweet tanginess.

A single cone is priced at $1.80 and a pack of four (Mango and Chocolate) is at $6.95 in major leading supermarkets.

The mango craze continues with F&N Fruit Tree Fresh 50% Less Sugar & Calories juice range that comes in flavours such as Mango, Pink Guava, Apple & Aloe Vera and Orange.

Healthier and packed with vitamins, these drinks are also great thirst-quencher and delicious. The mango juice surprises with bits of nata de coco, giving a balanced yet chewy mouthfeel.

A 250ml bottle retails at $0.95 while a one-litre pack at $2.60 in major leading supermarkets.



Website: https://www.fnnfoods.com/


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