Flashbang Singapore Hipster Neon Light Market This Christmas

Besides the festive decorations and end-of-year sales, Orchard Road has gotten livelier with Singapore’s first creative retail playground – Flashbang – at Grange Road Car Park (between H&M and 313 Somerset).

Organised by INVADE, Flashbang boosts a range of fun-filled activities from F&B markets and retail stores to hands-on workshops, instagrammable OOTD spots, arcade, music and performances.

As night falls, the creative space transformed into a jaw-dropping neon light arena with dangling fairy lights, LED balloons and drinks that sparkle.

The night is young so grab a cup of Chang beer $6 or have your fill with House Pour Wines $6 and Cocktails $8 at the booth.

There’s a two storey container at Flashbang featuring a series of merchandise (tote bags, shirts, Miffy plushie etc), games and where the interactive workshops are held.

Or bring home your favourite plushies at the Claw Crane!

At Flashbang, you will see food and drinks creation never replicated elsewhere before. Sink your teeth into these colourful croquettes with stretchable fillings.

Wow your friends at Cafe 3 Outram with the cute reindeer LED Drink that comes in passionfruit soda and a tutti frutti ice cream.

The homemade Cookie Sandwich is introduced as their store’s signature dessert. Bite into the giant dark chocolate cookies layered with tutti frutti ice cream and gummy bears within. Besides, the rainbow sprinkles adds an element of colours.

Be swept by the 24 Karat Gold Ice Cream $10.90 – gold-wrapped Earl Grey Lavender Soft Serve in charcoal cone. If you are a Unicorn lover, you will find unicorn-studded drinks, pink milkshakes, pink (watermelon) soft serve and pink unicorn tears. Yes, it’s all here at Rainbow Works.

Twenty Grammes should sound familiar to many, given that they have physical outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Bugis. The interesting soft serve flavours like Acai and Blue Milk, are twisted into a cup layered with cereals and topped with fruity pebbo, matcha kitkat, rainbow cookie and sprinkles of purplish petals, before being placed onto a flamingo float.

Speaking of attractiveness, it would easily win the best-looking dessert of the year.

Walking around Flashbang, you would find many enticing food/drinks items on display such as these smokey chemistry lab drinks and a whole range of marshmallows flavours (from The Wicked Cream) you wouldn’t think possible, made possible.

Feeling hungry? No worries as there’s tons of food stalls to keep you occupied throughout the night. Have a kebab wrap to fill your growling tummy.

Of head over for some Chinese takeaways. Good Chance Popiah is here to satisfy with their iconic popiah. Exclusive to the event is the Tempura Kimchi Popiah with Seafood Sauce $6, a crunchy popiah skin wrapped around hot kimchi. Such combination would actually go well hand-in-hand too!

More Chinese cuisine could be found from the neighbouring Soycube booth and a Taiwanese store selling Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice and drinks.

Flashbang has its fair share of street food to satiate your tastebuds too.

The Smoked Salmon Rosti and Smoked Duck Rosti ($5.90 each, $10 for two) from The 6ixs comes with melted cheese on top of lightly crisp rosti plus a dollop of sour cream on the side. Yum.

The Salted Egg Mac and Cheese $6 is a drool-worthy dish with each macaroni well coated in the sticky salted egg sauce and then garnished with fish skin and green onions. This is so addictive but can get you feeling full real fast.

Tuk Wan Kitchen made its appearance at Flashbang, selling delicious Thai street food like skewers, fried food and even Mango Sticky Rice too. Recommended are their Pork Skewers and Chicken Skewers grilled to the perfect tenderness before being brushed over with a really spicy and shioking sauce.

Nacho Soft Shell Crab comes with an overload of cheese, best saved for the cheese lovers.

There’s more like the Beef Cube with Cheese, Tacos and Burgers available at the various booths.

For something to munch on or bring home, The Kettle Gourmet offers uniquely asian flavoured popcorns such as the Teh Tarik Popcorn and Bailey’s Popcorn. They are crunchy and sweet with caramel. You can even taste some before making your purchase.

Tiny Red Dot, on the other hand, amazes with their Salted Egg Fish Skin $12 that reminds me how fortunate Singaporeans are to have their salted egg cravings satisfied as a snack.

Flashbang is definitely an event not to be missed. Where else can you get such sight, sound and taste all in one place!



Grange Road Car Park (between H&M and 313 Somerset)

9th Dec – 30th Dec 2017

3PM – 11PM Daily

3PM – 1AM on 24 Dec, X’mas Eve

Website: http://www.flashbang.asia/


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