D24 Durian McFlurry – McDonald’s Newest Ice Cream is Yay or Nay

McDonald’s Durian McFluffy is here! Not just limited to Malaysia, it has now come to Singapore and selling at a price of $4 or $4.30 depending on the outlet location. Out of curiosity, I tried the one at Raffles City that cost the extra $0.30.

So with all these hype and call for the Durian McFluffy to come to Singapore, what’s the verdict of this precious ice cream with durian topping?

I opened the cap and this was exactly the portion I got – barely even filled to the rim.

Nonetheless, the durian swirl could be seen prominently. Since the portion of ice cream was small, I could taste the durian in every mouthful. It was alright for the first few mouth until it started to leave a lingering sweetness at the base of my throat. I could taste some pulps within but the aftertaste simply spelt artificial. The bin ate the rest of the half.

Try it if you wish.



Website: https://www.mcdonalds.com.sg/


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