Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2017 – Horse Racing at Singapore Turf Club

Dester Singapore Gold Cup opened with a bang on 12th November 2017 at the Singapore Turf Club. Hailed as one of the most prestigious annual event in Singapore, the $1.35 million race drew in huge supporters to the Singapore Triple Crown Series after the first two legs in the Panasonic Kranji Mile and the Raffles Cup.

For the second consecutive year, Lubritrade remained the leading sponsorship provider for the Singapore Gold Cup. Also owned by Lubritrade is the Dester 100% Malt Beer – the iconic drink that you could easily spot in almost every guest’s hand.

Perched at the 4th level of the Singapore Turf Club is the committee box where we all had a perfect overview of the racing track. It was exciting to watch how the different jockeys played out their race and the excitement that stemmed from the unpredictability of the winner.

You can even go to the first floor, as close to the race as possible, to feel the exhilaration from there.

An ice cold beer in hand while I ponder over which horse to bet on.

The brainchild of local beer enthusiasts, Dester aims to offer a distinct beer experience with an asian touch.

There are a few varieties ranging from the Premium White Lager, Weissbier, 100% Malt to the Super Strong Beer and Extra Strong Beer. 

As for the 100% Malt, it was a beautiful amber gold liquid with a refreshing crisp taste.

The horse racing was a continuous event from 1pm to 6pm.

The spectators were roaring throughout the actual race, egging on the horses they had bet upon. It was a tight race with several featuring a margin win for the jockeys.

Make a bet and it would be a totally different experience from standing there to watch. Joining in the fun, I made a bet on one of the horses too and found myself cheering on amidst all the adrenaline.

There were also screens to view the before and aftermath of the competition.

A live band made up of a trio sang a series of nostalgic old classics.

And more Dester beer for me…

Bearing the theme Tang – Chinese Martial Arts, one could easily spot Chinese elements at the Dester Singapore such as the Wei Yong Lion Troupe (proudly sponsored by Lubritrade) and complimentary Calligraphy on takeaway fans.

The buffet was a nice spread from assorted cheese, salad, to cooked dishes like sambal stingray, cereal prawns while the carving station showcased the roasted lamb sliced upon request.

You can expect an array of food served throughout the time spent there. Tea break was no exception, where there were laksa, roti prata, soon kueh, fried wings and more.

Not forgetting, there was always a dessert line full of fresh fruits, mini tarts, eclairs, chendol and even fried goreng pisang.

It was a fulfilling afternoon at the Singapore Turf Club and I was even more grateful to have attended Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2017! It doesn’t matter whether you feel like placing bets or not. For those who have not watched horse racing before, this would make a nice experience.


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