DePizza at Boat Quay – Sashimi Pizza, Nasi Lemak Pizza & Lunch Promo from $5.90 onwards

Fresh out of the oven, Depizza is a newly established pizza restaurant in Boat Quay. Flanked by drinking holes, restaurants, bars and a MMA gym just right beside, it is a tough fight between who gets to be deliciously attractive to the crowd that comes swooning in for an hour’s lunch or after-work chillax.

Up a flight of steep stairs, nestled at the second floor of a shophouse is DePizza where the atmosphere is warmer and service more cordial than the rest below. DePizza is nothing like your usual pizza kiosk, serving pizzas with their standard toppings.

Here, these guys love their pizzas to death and would like more of what they eat to be made into pizzas. No need for imagination. The reality is that once you come, you can trust your senses to order the Chilli Crab Manzza $26, Gu Lou Yok Pizza $22 and Nasi lemak Pizza $24, spun off from local favourite dishes.

Lunch specials wow with DePizza’s super affordable lunch set starting from $5.90, with a complimentary drink thrown in to make jaws drop The killer-bomb is the Mentaiko Pasta with a giant grilled scallop, only at a whooping $15.90.

Don’t miss the sides with names as punny as it can get. Whether your seafood-loving self is going to want These Mussels $18/$28 and Keep Calm and Calamari $13, or struggle between getting a Buff Gai (prawn paste chicken) $14 and being Fat Die Fries $14, just follow your heart.

Japan Golden Week

In conjunction with Japan Golden Week, DePizza went all out with the Sashimi Pizza $26, Takoyaki Pizza $26 and Mentaiko Fries $12. For the Sashimi Pizza, it was mind-blown tasting such succulent chunks of salmon dropped on a cheesy pizza base.

Sashimi Pizza

Indulge in the signature Nasi Lemak Pizza, a hit since DePizza’s opening!

Nasi Lemak Pizza

Even the Mentaiko Fries deserved a standing ovation; crispy thin skin over fleshy potatoes dipped into the umami Mentaiko sauce was simply a matchmake in heaven.

Special menu for Japan Golden Week:

DIY Pizza

Come on weekends and you get to customise your own pizza too from the array of toppings available.


Lunch Set Combos

For lunch combos (pasta and drink), there are options such as the Bolognese / Aglio Olio $5.90, Braised Pork Pasta $7.90, Mentaiko Pasta $9.90 ($15.90 with Grilled Scallop) and Mussels Pasta $10.90.

At $5.90, the amount of pasta and meats for the Bolognese were generous though taste-wise, it would need a little tweaking on the flavours to bring out the meaty richness.

Bolognese Pasta
Mentaiko Pasta

The Braised Pork Pasta, on the other hand, left a pleasant experience with noodles doused in palatable gravy infused with the essence of the tender pork belly. It was like what someone at the table mentioned, eating Lor Mee. Such comfort food.

Fresh green lipped mussels were used in the Mussels Pasta which would do better with some garlicky seasoning in the sauce for an impressionable kick. Besides that, the mussels were undisputedly juicy enough for me to stop at five.

I like the idea of fusion pizzas and pastas. Some may think that it is easy to replicate these dishes since they come from our daily diet. But it is precisely because we have tasted the actual chilli crab from seafood restaurant and queued an hour long for a famous plate of Nasi Lemak that we would be seeking out for these familiar taste and texture at DePizza.

Don’t get me wrong because DePizza is really sincere in delivering (even Ben is one of the few humble and amiable owners I have come across). Of course there is always hits and misses for any F&B outlets. But nothing beats a mind open to feedbacks and a heart filled with passion and belief.



35A Boat Quay, Singapore 049824

Tel: +65 65881359


Mon – Thu:  11am – 10pm

Fri : 11am  – 11pm

Sat: & PH: 4pm – Midnight 

Sun: 11am – 3pm




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