Columbus Coffee Co. All-Day Brunch & Good Coffee at Upper Thomson Road

Columbus Coffee Co. is a lovely place to visit on a weekday afternoon where its convivial and capacious environment sets the mood for frivolous chats and laughter.

During weekends, there is a roaring crowd. Diners continue to stream in even at 4PM and the cafe is as gracious as its space that it could accommodate everyone.

Columbus Coffee Co. serves all-day brunch starting from $14 where you can get breakfast items like the Creamy Mushrooms on Toasted Sourdough $14, Butterscotch Banana Pancake $18.50 or simply add on a pint of beer $5/$9 to your Good Ol’ Chicken in a Basket $15.

For heartier mains, burgers and pastas are available 11AM onwards with their signature Columbus’ Fried Chicken Burger & Fries $18, Brown Butter Sardine Crumb $18 and creamy Mushroom Bacon Carbonara $19.

On both occasions when we were there, we had different items off the menu. The Soft Shell Crab Burger & Curlies $22 featured a nicely fried soft shell crab slated with a tangy overdose of mango-pomegranate salsa spilling down its front. Pressed between two fluffy brioche buns with arugula and pinkish creamy slaw, the glorious presentation primed my appetite for the food ahead.

It was an explosion of flavours from the various components, and I was glad to have the acerbity of the fruits cutting through the fried stuff in the plate. The mountain of curly fries were done crispy through and through; it was like munching on crackers. I actually would love it fleshier with the soft mash of potatoes within.

Mussels with Coconut Lemongrass & Ale Broth $17 comprised of a handful (counted 9) mussels in a blue ginger and ale broth, with two pieces of lightly toasted sourdough. The soup had hints of lemongrass and reminded me of Tom Yum minus the spiciness. Mussels had just the right chew and not overly done.

Sticky Date Pudding $9 was my favourite dessert. With a notable restraint in sugar, the moist yet airy cake was light on the palate while the crumbs added dimension to the texture. Smearing it with sauce would make it much sweeter for the sweet tooth in you.

And yes, we celebrated my belated birthday there, hence the candle on the cake.

At Columbus Coffee Co., the drink list is inviting and varied with options. Besides the usual coffee, there are Nitro Cold Brew $6.50, Black/White/Matcha Cold Brew $7, Nitro Tea $6,50, Chai Latte $5.50, Chocolate drinks and alcohol-infused coffee – Flat White Coffee Stout $14.

Daily Iced Tea



Columbus Coffee Co.

220 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574352

Tel: +65 6253 6024


Tue to Sat: 9AM – 10PM

Sun: 9AM – 7PM

Closed on Mon



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