Cold Storage ‘Happy Hour at Home’ Cocktail Festival with discounted Spirits, Steak Cuts & Deli Sets

Celebrate every hour of the day with Cold Storage’s “Happy Hour At Home” Cocktail, Meat & Deli festival, with DIY cocktails, superb meat dishes and delectable deli sets.

From 31 July till 13 August 2020, enjoy up to 50% off selected spirits at any Cold Storage outlets. Shake up your own bespoke cocktail, like the classic Gin & Tonic, Lime Mojito, Mango Margarita or explore exciting creations such as the Meatball Rum & Coke or Candied Bacon Old Fashioned!

Check out the discounted spirits here:

Havana Club 3 Years Rum – 70cl – $41 (U.P. $50)
Suntory Roku Gin – 70cl – $69 (U.P. $88)
Jim Beam – 75cl – $50 (U.P. $55)
Bailey’s Irish Cream – 70cl – $28.50 (U.P. $57)
Tanqueray No. Ten – 70cl – $72 (U.P. $80.5)

Accompany your drinks with sumptuous deli sets at two for $34.95 (U.P. $19.95 each). Choices include the:

– Cantorel 5 Fresh Cut Cheese Platter (300gm)
– Spence & Co. Wild Smoked Salmon Pinwheels (113gm)
– Spence & Co. Lox In A Box with Cream Cheese (113gm)

From 31 July to 6 August 2020, feast on quality steak cuts, such as the ​Black Angus Grain Fed Striploin Steak $34.90/kg (U.P. $69.90/kg) and Grass Fed Rib-eye $39.90/kg (U.P. $49.90/kg), grilled or barbecued in whichever way you prefer. Complete the hearty meal with a glass of Whiskey Highball – the perfect way to savour the moment!

Cold Storage


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