CNY BBQ + Steamboat Reunion Dinner for Families!

One thing I look forward to every Chinese New Year is reunion dinner!

It is the time of the year where we will bring out our BBQ + Steamboat set and have a great feast at home. I love the fact that we get to buy our favourite ingredients for bbq-ing. Also, the yong tau foo and other steamboat ingredients such as vegetables and mushrooms cost cheaper when bought in supermarkets as compared to getting them ala carte in restaurants.

Dining in the comforts of our house is a blessing where we can eat at our own pace, watch TV, joke loudly and of course, indulge in some beer/sake/wines at no corkage charges!

This year 2018, we were well-stocked with Sunny Gold’s beef. There’s the striploin, the beef for shabu-shabu and teppanyaki as well. We also bought button mushrooms, enoki, bamboo shoots, corns, vegetables, dokboki and cheese sausages to add into the soup.

For the soup base, we used Hai Di Lao’s Tomato Broth. We heard raving reviews about this and sure enough, the broth turned out to be really tasty!

The beef was sliced thinly and just nice for bbq-ing or shabu-shabu.

The striploin came in a whole chunk and we had it sliced into cubes for easy cooking.

The tomato broth became more flavourful the longer the ingredients were being cooked. We used up the whole packet for the entire hotpot.

And some drinks to pair with the meal!

I would definitely get this broth again!

So what’s your upcoming plans for CNY?


Anyway, wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year!


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