Candy Bar Loyalty App – Singapore Digital App for Rewards

You know that frustrating moment when I return to my usual spot for my ice cream or coffee fix only to realise that I forget to bring my loyalty card.

If you haven’t realise, many outlets are now offering those loyalty punch card that rewards you with discounts or freebies after you have accumulated a certain amount of stamps. Yes, I know I probably would have redeemed several of such – but I ain’t carrying wads of loyalty cards in my wallet everywhere I go. Call it wasted opportunity (for me) but this actually sparks new businesses in the form of digital apps.

So, CandyBar is born, totally addressing the needs and concerns of many others like me. It’s digital and even better, app-free.

I was thrilled and excited to attend the event launch of CandyBar in Singapore at Artistry Cafe on 27th September.

What do we have to do to get these benefits?

  1. Simply sign up for an account at those outlets already using CandyBar
  2. Key in your mobile number on their tablet
  3. You will then receive a SMS from CandyBar on your mobile
  4. Open the link as directed in your SMS
  5. You will see a loyalty card where you can start collecting stamps and redeeming rewards!

It is really simple and fuss-free.

For customers:

You don’t need to operate an app nor waste your phone space; no need to share your personal information e.g. NRIC; only phone number is needed; still can earn stamps without your phone; give direct feedback to merchants via phone.

For merchants:

Setup is quick; no app is needed; can easily assign stamps and receive feedbacks; free 30-day trial; low monthly fee of USD$45/month.

The event was well-received. We also got to try the loyalty program firsthand, redeeming our very own glasses of wines at Artistry while indulging in the delicious canapés!

My favourite was the warm Chilli Crab Croquettes paired with chilli crab sauce; super yummy.

Redeeming for a glass of wine has never been this easy. All things digital and no apps needed. Some other popular merchants under CandyBar besides Artistry include Matchaya, Mission Juice, Carpenter & Cook and The Lawn. 

CandyBar is launched by Anafore Pte Ltd, the team behind Referralcandy.

CandyBar is a digital loyalty app that partners with many outlets to boast their businesses and benefit customers in terms of incentives. Now that CandyBar is in Singapore, let’s hope to see more merchants getting on board the loyalty program; more reasons for us to check out these places now, don’t you agree too?





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