BreadTalk Singapore Taste of Home Buns with Laksa and Otah flavour & National Day Cupcake Promotions

With National Day around the corner, relish in BreadTalk’s ‘Taste of Home’ buns, featuring six new delicious creations, inspired by local dishes and flavours.

The Seafood Laksa ($2.20 each, 3 for $5.50) is the spiciest of the lot (one that I particularly enjoy), topped with a dried fish fillet and stuffed with chunky fish cake and some minced prawns (though I couldn’t taste any).

Another must-try is the Otah Cheese Clip ($2.40 each, 3 for $5.50), best served hot and crispy from the oven. Sandwiched between the croissant is a thick delightful piece of otah, made from fish and sotong.

The Curry Chic ($1.90 each, 3 for $5.50) is not as spicy as expected but comes with the classic curry chicken and potato filling.

The other three new buns are best eaten chilled – Kaya Prince, Custard Cloud and Rosie ($1.80 each, $5 for three).

The Rosie, especially, caught my eye for its rose-layered dough, elevated with more dried rose petals scattered on it. Inside it is a light and airy rose custard and cream filling.


Mix and match any 3 pieces of Seafood Laksa, Curry Chic or Otah Cheese Clip for $5.50.

Mix and match any 3 pieces of Kaya Prince, Custard Cloud and Rosie for $5.

Enjoy the Taste of Home Set (all six featured buns) at $10

*Prices may vary in-store and online.
*Promotion is available till end of August 2020.

Available exclusively on BreadTalk’s e-store are the limited edition National Day cupcakes in three different flavours – Chocolate, Raisin and Blueberry – topped with smooth buttercream.

They are priced at $10 for 6 pieces in a box and $18.80 for 12 pieces in a box.


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