BreadTalk’s Bar Cakes Promotion for Dark Indulgence, Almond Crumble & Lemon Pound Cake

BreadTalk has added a new series to their cake selection. Introducing a trio of bar cakes, these 17cm long cakes would make the perfect afternoon tea cake to go along with your coffee or tea.

Dark Indulgence $14.90 – Sink your teeth into this dense chocolate sponge cake that’s made with 70% dark couverture chocolate and accompanied with a gooey layer of rich chocolate ganache. Sinfully delicious.

Almond Crumble $14.60 – This moist German-inspired pound cake comes with hints of dark rum and a top layer of almond boluo crumbles for that extra crunch.

Lemon Pound Cake $8.60 – Dig into this refreshing lemon butter cake coated in a sweet and tangy lemon glaze and sprinkles of pistachio. Our favourite by far.


Use promo code 20%OFFBARCAKE to enjoy 20% off any selected bar cake(s) listed above when you check out on BreadTalk’s e-store. Promotion is available till 31 October 2020.

Enjoy all three flavours at $30 (U.P. $37.80) via their e-store too!


Order Online:

Free delivery for orders above $30

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