Bōruto: Usher 2017 With CNY Yusheng And Five New Dishes

With Chinese New Year nearing the corner, it is once again the season where feasting is eating. Don’t be alarmed just yet when you see the price tag for every Yusheng, Pen Cai or CNY Set Menus you are getting to dine in a restaurant. Yes, that is the norm, but here at Bōruto, you can toss your Yusheng into the air for as low as $48.

This year, Bōruto is taking a bold step towards the introduction of Truffle-infused Yusheng. For the four of us, we received a big bowl of Yusheng made up of a medley of salmon and yellowtail slices, shredded daikon, carrots, surf clams, jelly fish, salmon soft bones and chopped nuts.

We caught a whiff of the sweet truffle-infused sauce as it was laid on the table before us. Alongside was the homemade crab crackers we couldn’t stop raving about. Addictively crunchy and tasty that I wished they were permanently on the menu.

The breakdown of the prices for the Yusheng is as below:

With Salmon Skin: 

3 to 5 persons: $48

6 to 10 persons: $68

With Salmon and Yellowtail:

3 to 5 persons: $68

6 to 10 persons: $98

With Japanese Abalone:

3 to 5 persons: $98

6 to 10 persons: $168

The Yusheng is available for dine-in now at Bōruto. Take-aways are on pre-order basis on eve of CNY 27th February 2017 and the collection time is set to 11AM to 1PM at sister outlet Tamashii Robataya just a short distance away.

Do make your reservations early to avoid disappoint!

Tamashii Robataya

Address: 12 North Canal Road, #02-01, Singapore 048825

Tel: +65 6222 0316

Huat ah! 

May you and your family a prosperous new year ahead!

Another exciting news is that from 23rd January onwards, Bōruto will be releasing five new dishes on top of the usual tapas in the menu. While you indulge in the various offerings, don’t forget to grab some sakes to pair along with your food.

Bōruto, pronounced as ‘Vōruto’, derived it’s name from the Japanese word ‘Vault‘ due to it’s previous presence as a bank. And Bōruto still lives up to its name as one of Singapore’s premium sake vault carrying exquisite labels directly imported from Japan.

That said, it was a pleasant surprise to find a walk-in vault on the second floor refurnished as a sake storage with three customised chillers. Imagine the high-end bottles Bōruto is holding behind those doors. During my little tour, I spotted several bottles jumping over the thousand dollar mark.

We tried some Ume Plums that had been stored and aged in the chiller. Those interested could purchase a 1kg tub of Ume plums at $288 and Bōruto will keep them in-house for you to savour whenever you drop by.

The plums had absorbed the alcohol yet the effect of booziness was not overpowering. I could feel the crunch of the plum flesh underneath my teeth while slurping on the sweet sourish liquid altogether in the shot glass. Quite a palate pleaser.

The dinner started with four Kani Croquttes ($12.80) neatly crusted, fried and topped with fresh blue crab meat. Torn apart, the croqutte led lose a misty cloud before we finally succumbed to popping the whole gem into our mouth.

While the coating remained crispy, the fillings were perfectly moist and creamy, a result of the veloute mixed with crab meat, corn, poached onion and boiled eggs. Add a dash of black garlic mayonnaise and this tiny korokke easily became our favourite dish of the night.

Asian-inspired Hotaru Ika ‘Chai Tao Kuek’ ($12.80) was much anticipated with its local twist on our carrot cake. Served as a ‘white’ version,  you would discover Loligo squids sauteed with garlic blended into a mess of poached onions, Japanese pickles and scrambled eggs.

We were thinking of the inclusion of black soy sauce to bring up the taste a little more until we uncovered the extra sauce at the base. The sauce tickled at our taste buds calling for no extra ingredient to be added. Indeed, for those who enjoy it to be more savoury, it is best to mix up everything evenly before you eat.

Even if Chef Angus were to stand by his ground with ‘less is better’, I would budge him for a large bowl of this because it was that delectable.

Black Barley + Uni ($35.80) risotto is no longer boring with Bōruto’s take on this, marrying Japanese ingredients with Italian flavors. If only all risotto could be this lovely with Uni that literally glistened under the lights… I have to be honest that it was not just my biasness for Uni that led me to this conclusion.

The highlight actually was in the ‘risotto’ itself, a smart combination of black barley and chopped squids, pampering my tongue with an explosion of textures. The crustacean stock was satisfyingly flavoursome. And the Uni? A splash of delicacy for a moment of pleasure.

The Roasted Pork Shoulder 1.6kg ($88.80) was a massive pig’s leg, brined, then sous vide for 24 hours before being roasted for an hour in the oven.

The shiny skin and tender meat were a testament to the amount of effort put into the preparation process. I particularly enjoyed the fats beneath the skin, so soft they just melted in my mouth. Accompanying sauce was the truffle green tomato chutney, not so sweet nor overpowering, and slightly acidic to cut through the fattiness of the dish. In fact, the overall taste was well-balanced out between sweet and saltiness.

The fifth dish was the Madai a la Plancha ($15.80), grilled sea bream on a pool of red miso broth, shiitake and minced pork. It was a play on the senses to have the snowy white flesh peeking through a crispy gleaming skin. The broth had a smooth and light consistency that gently caressed the surface of the flesh, allowing the flavours of the meat to stand out by itself.

Life is too short to not have desserts and would be a waste to not have the Warabi Mochi ($6.80). And I strongly recommend anyone who come to Bōruto to order this even if you are just here for drinks.

There is probably nowhere else in Singapore you can find warabi mochi of such substance. They were firm enough to be lifted yet dissolved completely in the mouth without any chewing. Bouncy and wobbly, yet packed full of punch.

For the chocolate lovers out there, Chocolate Surprise ($12.80) would knock you off with the half cake, half souffle identity, complemented with a chocolate-y liquid centre. The richness made it felt like eating melted chocolate while the homemade vanilla ice cream tried to vie for the limelight in a sea of brown.

Besides Sake, Bōruto stunned with really great cocktails.

The Nikka Whisky and Yuzu Cocktail ($22) was by far one of the best and most affordable cocktail I ever had and our table of four couldn’t agree even more.

With a 50ml Nikka Whisky topped over the martini glass, I couldn’t help but swoon at my favourite combination of whisky and yuzu, strong and sourish, yet delivering a delicate finish and warm fuzziness down my throat. Served in an elegant glassware, this is every lady’s (and man’s) drink. I could jolly well had martinis of these.

Dining at Bōruto is nothing but exceptional. They care for their guests, as much as they put in details in their food, service and drinks. Great for business luncheon, intimate dinners and catch up sessions with friends.

You know where to go for your next makan outing 🙂


80 South Bridge Road, Golden Castle Building, #01-01, Singapore 058710

Tel: +65 6532 0418

Mon to Sat: 4:30PM-12AM, Closed on Sun

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