Bōruto Singapore – Whiskey Fried Chicken & Japanese Tapas

Bōruto Japanese Tapas and Sake Bar never fails to amaze with its splendid creations. From the memorable ‘Chai Tao Kway’ Hotaru to the charcoal-coated Tori Kaarage from previous dinners, I am all prep and eager for tonight’s surprise again.

This Christmas Season, Chef Angus has something up his sleeves. It is none other than the Whiskey Fried Chicken $58.90 – a milk brined fried chicken flambé with Nikka Whiskey.

How does the Whiskey Fried Chicken end up on the table; we have got our whiskey-loving Chef Angus to thank for dreaming of conjuring a flaming turkey.

I have to admit that it was indeed a spectacular performance watching the flames went up and around the mountain of fried chicken parts. Afterwards, we had the lemon and its pulp squeezed right onto the meats before digging in!

The smell of whiskey lingered in the air with some traces of it detectable on the skin.

What I could taste was a very crisp layer of skin with a touch of burnt smokiness and a delectable sweetness to it. The uniqueness continued all the way to the underlying fats which simply slided off the meat easily. Very soft and almost melt-in-the-mouth texture.

I’m not a big fan of very meaty chicken parts, but this.. I couldn’t help but go for second and third servings.

Served with a side of homemade Chipotle Coleslaw and Burnt Onion Gravy which is like your atas KFC potato mash, this is fried chicken next level.

Available from 18th December 2017 till end of year, there’s still time to make reservation for the mind-blowing Whiskey Fried Chicken!

The crowd favourite still remains with the Uni Somen – cold rice vermicelli noodles garnished with Ebi Sakura and premium gems like Caviar and fresh Hokkaido Bafun Uni. Each strand of noodle was lightly coated with White Truffle Oil which made this dish even more addictive. Definitely recommended!

Another truffle dish is the Tako Truffled House Cured Octopus in usu-zukuri style (thinly sliced).

While it reminded me of scallop carpaccio, the texture of the cured octopus gave it away with a slight QQ-ness to it.

Best of all, the cured octopus was finished off with seasonal Black Truffles shavings. Nice.

This Tomato + Avocado Salada hailed in the seasonal Fruit Tomato from Kansai, sliced and laid with grilled fresh Avocado and Mesclun Salad in spicy karashi dressing. Tomatoes were sweet and juicy while the avocados had just the right firmness.

The Japanese love their croquettes and Bōruto’s rendition of the Mushrooms Croquettes comprised of Champignons Mushrooms mixed with Nutmeg Bechamel, Truffle Acacia Honey and Truffle Salt. These were bite-size goodness, best paired with a tipple or two.

Not to be missed is the super plump Oyster + Ponzu. Featuring fresh oysters from Hiroshima, these were almost palm-sized long. Together with the Shaved Ponzu Ice and Spicy Grated Radish, the smooth oyster meat simply leads to a wholesome finishing on the palate.

Ebi Cheese Mentai Yaki gave our local “Ang Kah” prawns a twist. Char grilled with melted Cheddar Cheese, the meats became really tender and sweet while the Spicy Cod Roe added a ‘pop’ texture when chewed upon.

Dessert was none other than the Warabi Mochi – yes these were legit good stuff that literally dissolved on the tongue. Readers who followed my previous visits to Boruto would know how much I rave about this.

I always believe food (life) taste even better with drinks.

Bōruto serves a wide range of sake to really premium ones which are all meticulously stored in a vault on the second floor. Sake Cocktails are available too.

We had the festive yuzu-infused drink which served as a refreshing thirst quencher filled with lots of fruits!




80 South Bridge Road #01-01,

Golden Castle Building, Singapore 058710

Tel: +65 6532 0418

Tapas bar (first level)

6:00pm – 11:00pm
(last order: 10:30pm)

Sake Bar (upper level)
4:30pm – 12:00mn
(last order: 11:30pm)

Happy Hour!
Mon to Sat: 4:30pm – 7:30pm
(closed on Sundays)





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