Bōruto: Japanese Tapas And Sake Bar At South Bridge Road

If anyone were to ask me for recommendations in Japanese tapas and/or a sake bar for serious drinkers, Bōruto will come to my mind. Several visits to date and I have come to adore Bōruto for its unpretentious foodfare coupled with a drink or two consisting of smooth sake shots. Situated along South Bridge Road, it is a popular hideout among friends, colleagues and sake lovers. Did I not mention, Bōruto can get pretty crowded during dinner time.

Currently, Bōruto is having some new additions to the menu. I love how the menu is consistently updated to ensure more variety and a new look in the dishes served.

Here are some of the new dishes we sampled.

Oyster + Ponzu $18.80

Ponzu Granite | Momeji Oroshi | Herb Cress

The oysters at Bōruto never failed to get me hooked. The humongous Hiroshima oysters came garnished with spicy grated radish and herb cress. Slurped chilled, the plump oyster flesh was pure orgasm in the mouth. I wouldn’t mind ten more of these.

Tuna + Caviar $22.80

Yellowfin Tuna | Avruga Caviar | Olive Oil Crumble

The lightly seared yellowfin tuna cubes were topped generously with Avruga caviar. Sprinkled with balsamic crumbles which had the texture of snow, it was a memorable taste between the tuna creaminess and savoriness of caviar paired with the melting ‘crumbles’ upon the tongue.

Salmon + Ikura $15.80

King Salmon | Ajitsuke Ikura | Shio Konbu

The next dish we had was a row of sliced king salmon lightly tossed in shio konbu. I enjoyed the freshness of the salmon, and each bite was rewarded with the burst of Ikura. Nice.

Tori “Charcoal” Karaage $10.80

Bamboo Charcoal | Chunky Chicken | Mentaiko Mayo

Ever had chicken served black before?

Bōruto took the karaage to a different level by coating it in Bamboo charcoal and spices, and then fried. The result was mind-blowing pieces of karaage with the juice of the chicken sealed in between the flavourful crunchy coating. It wasn’t dry nor very oily, while the meat remained so tender. You can also dip it with the mentaiko mayo served on the side.

Gindara Pumpkin Miso $18.80

Black Cod | Roasted Pumpkin | Aged Miso

At first glance, I had mistaken the yellow slices for capiscums, which turned out to be some sweet roasted pumpkin. Hidden underneath were black cod flaked apart easily. I am not usually a ‘fish’ person but this was so tender-good.

Ebi Niniku Yaki $18.80

White Prawns | Dried Pepper | Sake

The huge white prawns were crunchy with a slight sweetness further accentuated by the light Junmai Ginjo sake broth. My prawn-loving friend had her bias in this dish.

“Charcoal” Hiyashi Noodles $15.80

Nama Hotate | Tobikko | Katsuo Dashi

One of my favourite dish was Bōruto’s interesting rendition of the charcoal Hiyashi noodles with decadent scallop slices and tobiko. The charcoal gave the noodles an earthy note, a contrast to the oceanic gem. Each strand of the noodles was homemade as well.

Besides tapas, Bōruto has a few desserts listed in the menu.

Without further ado, I should disclose my love for the Warabi Mochi $6.80 for their extremely soft and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Would strongly recommend this.

We had a surprise dessert of the day from Chef Angus which he described amiably as the Black Sesame and White Chocolate Cake. It was a sweet cake that reminded me of banana cake, drenched in black sesame whip cream and red bean.

A meal at Bōruto is not complete without some booze. We had three cocktails available in conjunction with the Gourmet Japan Festival held in May.

Nature of Bōruto

The Midori-based cocktail with infused Vodka, Kuromaru Soju and Yuzu Sake had a beautiful shade of green with bits of tea leaves and aromatic bitters. It was sweetness punctuated with sourness from the yuzu, plus a light fragrance that came from the tea leaves.

Healing Tamashii

My love was this cocktail with a Bourbon Whisky base infused with Suntory Umeshu and Healing Garden Tea. As its name suggested, the cocktail was likened a healing touch to the soul as it flowed down warmly to the pit of my tummy.

Flores de Mayo

Also known as Flowers of May, this cocktail was gin-based with Dom Benedictine and Cranberry Sunrise Tea Syrup. Aesthetically beautiful with edible flowers and a bright red colour, it possessed a sweeter flavour as compared to the previous two, was lighter in taste and smoother in texture.

Needless said, this was a wonderful meal 🙂


80 South Bridge Road #01-01,

Golden Castle Building, Singapore 058710

Tel: +65 6532 0418

Tapas bar (first level)

6:00pm – 11:00pm
(last order: 10:30pm)

Sake Bar (upper level)
4:30pm – 12:00mn
(last order: 11:30pm)

Happy Hour!
Mon to Sat: 4:30pm – 7:30pm
(closed on Sundays)





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