Baker’s Well Snowskin Mooncake Collection 2017 with Alcoholic Flavours

The highly anticipated Mid-Autumn Festival is back this year! This means there is going to be a furry of activities which involve buying and eating mooncakes even before the actual day comes. Till now to 4th October 2017, there is still a lot of time to indulge in mooncakes of various kinds!

Baker’s Well has come out with a 2017 Mooncake Collection featuring 6 types of Snowskin Mooncakes and 4 kinds of Traditional Baked Skin Mooncakes.

Baked skin mooncakes are now healthier with less sugar, especially the Sugar-free Pure White Lotus with Roasted Melon Seeds.

During a recent private launch held by Baker’s Well, the sixth snowskin mooncake is revealed to be the Earl Grey Lavender, a unique flavour combination of tea and floral.

Amongst which, there are also two alcoholic snowskin mooncakes packed with a strong booze within. Bite through the hot selling Champagne Truffle and Rum & Raisin Mooncakes and get swept into an alcoholic euphoria!

Snowskin Series

The snowskin mooncakes come in boxes of 8 or 4.

Single-flavoured snowskin mooncake: $66 per box of 8.

Assorted selection of snowskin (in pairs of 2): $66

Snowskin 4-piece Box (any flavours): $39.60


Champagne Truffle Snowskin 

It is no wonder that the sweet intoxicating marriage of champagne in snowskin mooncake makes it the best seller among all.


Rum & Raisin Snowskin

Beside its robust alcoholic punch, the Rum & Raisin comes in a beautiful shade of pastel blue made from Blue Pea Flower Dye.

Earl Grey Lavender Snowskin

The newest member here which got my vote for its pungent earl grey taste and lavender fragrance.

Yuzu Snowskin

This is a must-try if you fancy something refreshing and sourish in between each bites.

Matcha Green Tea Snowskin

For matcha lovers, these green darlings would easily follow you home.

Salted Black Sesame Snowskin

This is interesting where you can taste the robust black sesame, which somehow reminds me of a texture slightly grainy with a chocolatey taste.

Traditional Baked Skin Mooncakes

The traditional baked skin mooncakes come in either boxes of 4 or 2.

For the health-conscious, these are the mooncakes just right for you! Indulge in the Sugar-free Pure White Lotus with Roasted Melon Seeds or go for the low-sugar options such as the Double Yolk Pure White Lotus with Roasted Melon Seeds and Traditional Mixed Nuts.


Online shop: 20% discount for pre-orders online, from 1st August to 30th August 2017

East Coast Outlet: 20% discount for cash & carry and pre-order, from 15th August 2017 onwards

Baker’s Well 

35 East Coast Road, Singapore 428754

Opening Hours: 8 AM – 9PM



Do check out the roadshows available at these locations too!


Takashimaya B2 Atrium

31st August to 4th October 2017


Vivocity L1 Atrium

5th September to 4th October 2017


Suntec City East Atrium

11th  September to 4th October 2017


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