Atmosphere Bistro Bar at East Coast Park – Beer Promotion, Lava Cheese Burger & Flaming Dessert

Atmosphere Bistro & Bar is a laid-back alfresco dining area at East Coast Park. Boasting a menu of western cuisine ranging from light bites to rice bowls, pizzas, burgers, pastas and waffles, diners can bask in the light sea breeze while indulging in weekday dinners and full-day dining during the weekends.

Alcohol lovers could get more bang for your buck with the various alcohol promotions too.

Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun, whole day: $5 Beer 

Weekdays, 5PM-7PM, 9PM-12AM: $48 3L Heineken Beer Tower 

A bucket of five: $35 (Tiger, Strongbow); $38 (Guinness Stout, Sapporo, Hoegaarden, Corona)

There is quite a selection under light bites such as the Fried Calamari $8, Truffle Fries $10.80, Grilled Whole Squid $10.80 and Buffalo Wings $12.80.

One of Atmosphere Bistro’s signatures is the Garlic Butter Mussels $14.80 that came in a casserole filled with Whole Shell Blue Mussels in Garlic Butter Cream while topped with Roti Prata. It reminded me of a pot pie, where in place of the soup, was a rich and slightly sweet sauce draped over the plump mussels. I was glad the roti prata was there for us to mop up every morsel of the addictive sauce.

Moving on to the mains, I had my eyes set on the Lava Cheese Burger $24.80. Featuring a Deep Fried Camembert Cheese Beef Patty slapped with some Grilled Tomatoes, Barbeque Mayo, Gherkins, Wild Rocket and Caramelised Onions, all sandwiched between a pair of Brioche Bun, this was a nasty burger. Slicing through the top of the camembert cheese, the molten lava flowed out like a curtain over the mid-section of the patty. Speaking of eating cheese in a different way. 

The second highlight went to the beef patty. It was cooked perfectly, tender and sliced though beautifully. Recommended.

I wasn’t expecting rice bowls to be offered at Atmosphere Bistro but here we had the Premium Seafood Rice Bowl $24.80 with an asian twist to it.

The portion was generous with the Tiger Prawns, Cod Fish, Scallops, Baby Octopuses, Broccoli, Caramelized Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms and Alfafa served with Garlic Butter Sauce. For those who enjoy seafood, the would fill you up nicely.

The Mentaiko Waffle Pizza $16.80 was served with Buttermilk Waffle covered in Cheese, Pork Bratwurst Sausage and Pineapples, followed by a drizzle of Mentaiko Mayo and sprinkles of Bonito Flakes.

The taste resembled Takoyaki while the stretchy cheese added an element of fun to it. The portion could be bigger though.

My favourite dessert was the the alcoholic Black Pearl $16.80. It came with Coconut Ice Cream, Coconut Flakes and Mixed Berries encased in a Chocolate Sphere. The warm homemade Gula Melaka Sauce mixed with Rum would then be torched and poured over the chocolate sphere where it momentarily turned into an eye-catchy fire ball.

Taste-wise, it wasn’t overly sweet nor bitter and the liquor was more prominent as I dug towards the bottom of the chocolate.


If having chocolates for desserts is too heavy for you, do try the Matcha Lava Cake $14.80.

Served with a molten matcha core, it also came with a side of Vanilla Ice Cream and Berries.

Here’s a toast to another stretchy cheese dish. Pun intended.

The Coconut Cheesy Toast $14.80 could be filling enough as a meal itself. I love how the Crispy Toasted Bread were stacked over each other while the Stuffed Mozzarella Cheese simply oozed lazily out of the pockets. Paired it with the Coconut Ice Cream served on top of Corn Flakes, Coconut Flakes and drizzled in Gula Melaka.

Besides, the Fruit Tea and Rainbow Tea series were a sight to behold!


Atmosphere Bistro & Bar

920 East Coast Parkway #01-25/26/27, Singapore 449875

Tel: +65 6440 9705


Monday to Thursday: 6pm to 12am

Friday and Eve of Public Holiday: 6pm to 1am

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday: 10.30am to 1am

* Closing time subjected to change for LIVE sport screenings




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