Aquaria KLCC 90m Underwater Tunnel with Stingrays, Sharks & Turtles!

KLCC is not only a shopping arena but it houses a huge oceanarium underground. Simply follow the signs that lead from the mall to the entrance of the oceanarium via a long walkway. The oceanarium features a wide range of marine life with a 90m underwater tunnel which allows you to admire the fishes up close.

There is also a guided tour and interactive feeding session. Upon entering, I spotted a crowd at the starfish habitat – there are many starfishes!

Further ahead, there are many displays of marine life with their respective description signages.

There is a mammoth floor-to-ceiling aquarium with fishes circling in it.

The highlight of the oceanarium is definitely this underwater tunnel. There is no lack of creatures here; you can find lots of smiley stingrays, sharks, fishes and even turtles!

You can also learn a thing or two on the jellyfish and seahorse transformation.

Need a souvenir? There’s marine plushies, T-shirts, keychains and other merchandises here too!


Aquaria KLCC

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex

Tel: +603 2333 1888



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