AnnaBella Patisserie – Best Macarons in Singapore

AnnaBella Pâtisserie is a humble SIngapore-based online shop specialising in macarons!

Founded by chef Annabella Sonwelly, the ex-banker left the corporate world in the pursuit of baking – her favourite macarons. These macarons are meticulously handmade using a combination of French and Japanese technique. Over ten years of perfecting the macaron recipe, one can expect quality and passion behind the creation of each and every piece.

A glance at AnnBella Patisserie’s online store, you can find macarons of so many flavours. It ranges from Classic macarons like Rose, Matcha, Lavender and Earl Grey to Premium ones such as Creme Brulee, Fleur De Sel, Yuzuki and Speculoos.

For those who enjoy a little booziness in your macarons, you would be glad, like me, to find the Artisan selections of alcohol-infused Tiramisu, Champagne, Baileys, Lychee Martini and Black Forest macarons.

Look out for popular unique flavours which includes Bubblegum, Oreo and the customisable Mao Shan Wang! Yes customisable durian macaron.

Macarons are usually considered the sweeter kind of confectionery; precisely why I seldom eat them. Truth be told, I had bad experiences of those overly chewy, soggy or simply ‘sugar-loaded’ macarons which broke my heart.

This is my first time trying AnnaBella Patisserie’s macarons. I had to admit that I was profoundly surprised at the texture – the one important factor that would make me take the next bite.

The shell broke beautifully, revealing an airy interior which tasted like little crumbs of cloud. As for the fillings, they were the right amount spread across.

The macarons were really delicate and crunchy. I ate it the day I received and the subsequent two days. Verdict? My love for AnnaBella Patisserie got deeper after trying these macarons out of the fridge as they could still retain the texture and taste more or less the same. (Of course, best is to eat it on the day itself!)

Even the packaging was in the form of a sleek white box with their name ‘AnneBella Patisserie’ proudly embossed in gold. Such a befitting name for satisfying moments of elegance.


AnnaBella Patisserie

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