Amber Nectar – Hite Extra Cold Beer and Jinro Soju Promotion

I love Korean food and would always fancy a nice shot of soju to pair along.

These would sound familiar to lovers of Korean alcohol. The world’s popular soju, Jinro, and South Korea’s no. 1 beer brand, Hite Extra Cold are making their rounds in Singapore market, with House of Amber Nectar being the exclusive distributor for Hite-jinro liquor products in Singapore.

Celebrate the start of the year with the first-ever special promotion of Hite Beer and Jinro Soju.

  • Purchase a 24-can pack of 355ml Hite Extra Cold Beer at $64.90 and get 2 bottles of 360ml Jinro flavoured soju worth $30 free.
  • Enjoy free delivery for purchase of 2 x 24-can pack. (Note that there will be a delivery fee of $10 for purchases below $100.) 

Promotion is only available online at

As its name suggests, Hite Extra Cold Beer tastes a notch colder than most chilled beer and more refreshed too. Developed using the Ice Point Filtration System, the technology allows the beer to be brewed just above the freezing point to remove impurities for extra freshness and flavour maximisation.

Jinro Chamisul Soju comes in flavours like Grapefruit and Green Grape. Fruity and smooth, they are enjoyable drinks for many occasions. Since its launch in 1924, the brand has been sweeping awards in the International Spirits Competition. Currently, K-pop songwriter-singer and actress IU is the ambassador for the top-selling Chamisul soju.


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