Amara Singapore Christmas Buffet Promo with Flaming Lobster, Foie Gras & Sze Chuan spiced Turkey

December is easily one of my favourite months of the year because it is a time of clearing my leave, a time of reflection for all that has happened during the year, a time of bonding with my family and friends. Christmas is a season of sharing, caring and enjoying good times, and things just can’t get better than a feast here at Element Restaurant, Amara Singapore! The culinary team has lined up an exciting spread to satisfy each & every diner’s palate – are you ready for the feast?

Check out the buffet highlights below!

Kick start your scrumptious meal with the Tomato Watermelon Carpaccio, a master of deception mirroring Beef Carpaccio, a traditional Italian dish. Featuring a refreshing mix of juicy watermelons and fresh tomato slices, these were the perfect replica and substitutes for raw beef slices.

Drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, further topped with crisp Arugula (rockets) and grated Parmesan cheese, this is bound to whet your appetite with the different layers of taste – the sweetness of watermelon, sourness from tomatoes and balsamic sauce, slight bitterness and astringent taste of rockets and mildly savoury cheese.

Swop up the boring mushroom or pumpkin soup with their Celeriac Veloute Truffle Oil! A harmonious blend of celeriac, butter and cream, this soup had an extremely smooth and creamy consistency.

The truffle oil added a nice finishing touch, bringing with it a rich earthy flavor that complemented the natural sweetness of the veloute. A great way to cleanse your palate to welcome the delightful mains that alight you!

Foie Gras is a luxury item that I do not get to enjoy often. Comprising 90% fat, it is famed for its rich buttery texture, which the chefs here at Amara clearly had a full grasp on how to perfect this ingredient.

At the buffet line, you’ll get to enjoy Pan-seared Foie Gras with Raspberry Sauce, which lives up to its expectations of being a French delicacy. For those who are afraid of innards, fret not as this does not have any gamey smell/taste!

Absolutely adore how the tangy raspberry sauce added a very pleasant fruity note to the foie gras, making it very refreshing and non-surfeiting. Cooked to perfection at the Live Station, the texture of the chunky foie gras is smooth & creamy, not powdery at all!

My favourite dish of the night was undeniably the Baby Lobster Miso Yaki!

This dish is nothing short of luxurious, from the preparation, presentation to final end-product. I was utterly stoked to witness the chefs drizzling a spoonful of rose liqueur and setting the lobsters ablaze! This calculated move played an important role – the flames imparted an attractive smokey flavour on the slightly torched cheese that coats the top of the lobster. It also enhanced the flavours of the delicate ikura, which remains a popping goodness of umami.

The star of the show was the firm and chunky lobster meat that boasts of natural sweetness! With smooth buttery potato mash, savoury miso dressing and fragrant floral tone of the rose liqueur that lingered even after the flames are extinguished, this dish speaks of complexities in both flavours and textures that set my heart ablaze.

What is Christmas without turkey right? Sink your teeth into the Slow Roast Turkey with Sze Chuan Spicy Sauce, a spin-off from the classic Christmas dish. The savoury brown sauce is of a very manageable spice level, with the Sze Chuan peppercorn lending a slight numbing kick, reminiscent of Ma La Xiang Guo.

While the turkey was aromatic from the roast, I personally felt it could afford to be more tender for a better mouthfeel, though turkey is known for having a tougher texture compared to chicken due to less fat content. With potato mash, carrots and baby tomato on the sides, this made a very filling main.

To end off the feast on a sweet note, go for their Japanese Cheese Log Cake that comes in 3 flavours of choice – Green tea, Strawberry or Azuki Red Bean.

As I am not a fan of cream cakes, this dessert was simply to my liking as it is laden with mildly savoury cream cheese with light fluffy vanilla sponge layers, intertwined with dense and rich green tea custard. Liked that it was not overly sweet and I guess many would appreciate that there is no bitterness from the green tea, though I would personally have preferred an even more intense green tea flavour.

This log cake ($35 for 0.5kg) is also one of the festive goodies available for orders/takeaway.

Are you salivating yet? This is a gastronomical experience that you would not want to miss!



24 Dec

Dinner, 6:30PM – 10:30PM: $108++ per adult, $54++ per child

25 Dec

Brunch, 12PM-3.30PM: $68++ per adult, $34++ per child

Dinner, 6:30PM – 10:30PM: $78++ per adult, $39++ per child


Element Restaurant at Amara Singapore

165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539

Tel: +65 6879 2555



Words and images by @serenetomato

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