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Hi, I am Gwendolyn!

oo-foodielicious is a food, travel and lifestyle blog based in Singapore.

With a growing community of hungry tummies, oo-foodielicious needs to be shifted (from my old blog) to this new blog to support the increasing traffic and blog posts!

Looking at my Instagram handle, oo_foodielicious, you can guess I love to eat – from the simple and comforting local food to cafes, hipster bars and restaurants with a view while not forgetting exotic food such as the Chochin from one memorable michelin guide Yakitori joint.

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It is after all a joy to be able to share with everyone my food journey and to follow me in my footsteps to other parts of the world 🙂

Besides food, I enjoy cycling and photography on landscape, architecture and portrait.

Send me an email should you require a personal photographer for your event shoots or even video-making!

Email: gwendolyn.lim@hotmail.com


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As always, I believe that food is best shared with great company.



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