78 Alkofelic – Singapore’s First Coffee Cocktail Bar to keep you awake all night!

78 Alkofelic is the first and only coffee and cocktail bar in Singapore, which I can’t help but wonder if the coffee counter the alcohol’s sleepy effects?

The name ’78 Alkofelic’ is derived by the combination of the founders’ two lucky numbers, 7 and 8 together, and the Russian pronunciation of coffee “kofe” into the word “alcoholic”.

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This inconspicuous coffee and cocktail bar located at Purvis Street operates like a snazzy coffee house in the day, and at night, transforms into a fully-equipped bar with coffee options.

We entered the cosy bar, and was greeted by a blue-tinted everything – the surreal vibe, accompanied by radio music.

Before drinking on a heavy stomach, try their star dishes such as the Thai Chicken Wrap $7.50 and the Hawaiian pizza $14 (definitely a favourite!). Both dishes were tasty and generous in portions. They did not disappoint and were well worth the money.

The first drink served was the Romeo’s Juliet $15, which comprised of Patron XO, frangelico, baileys and fresh milk. It was easily my favourite, with the smooth texture and silky finish. A fantastic latte with a mild shot of baileys!

As we progressed further, the strength of alcohol increased and next up we had the “level 2” with a stronger shot of alcohol. Ripple Stimulant $15 contained vodka, kahlua and coffee. The vodka was impactful, though it worked well with the stronger coffee taste, giving the drink an added vivacity.

This Irish Coffee $15 is a play on both words’ Irish whiskey and coffee. “Whiskey” meaning “water of life” in Gaelic, was mixed together with coffee and served with a shot of whipped cream at the top.

The Irish Whiskey was a powerful drink, well-liked for its fruitier-than-scotch taste and mix-ability. It could get bitter but the sweetened whip cream at the top gave it a homey finish to the Irish whiskey we all know and love!

The fourth drink we tried was the Old Fashioned Coffee $15, with double espresso, bourbon, bitters and brown sugar. It washard-hitting on the palate and if you’re going to tackle this one, be prepared to be swarmed by a tidal wave of caffeine and alcohol! 

The final drink was the Flying Singaporean; worth the wait for this special one. This simple drink was armed with only three main ingredients: Absinthe, xo and coffee, but tasted far from simple.

If you know anything about absinthe, you would know that it’s a green coloured drink that’s highly alcoholic in nature, with about 60% alcohol in a bottle. Too much absinthe and you’ll start hallucinating… and see Flying Green Fairies. In our case though, with coffee and a small dash of absinthe, we became flying Singaporeans – and that was a good experience for us!

Knock yourself out at 78 Alkofelic, Singapore’s first only coffee and cocktail bar!


About 78 Alkofelic

It was founded in 2017 based on the mutual love of the founders for good quality coffee, yummy coffee cocktails and scrumptious comfort food. Adding a twist to the typical coffee cafe, 78 Alkofelic serves not just traditional coffee but aims to introduce Singapore to a wide variety of coffee-based cocktails.


78 Alkofelic

6 Purvis Street #01-01, Singapore 188585

Tel: +65 9275 9864


Daily: 8AM to 12AM

Website: http://78alkofelic.com/



Images and write up by @chowbaccas

Some images by 78 Alkofelic


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